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Grandpas At The Night Shift

Dear Friend,

Thank you for coming to my mini website today.
If you've just listened on Youtube a fragment of
"Grandpas At The Night Shift" - you've wondered what it is created from?

It's hard to believe but the track (and there are more of them coming up)
is composed from the sounds of running different internal combustion
engines. This kind of engine is the most widespread one on the Earth
and still drives over 90% of cars, trucks and buses, ships and trains.

All of my compositions, I dare to name as...

The Motor Music


What's "Grandpas"?

It's a lovely name of the oldest type of internal combustion engines.
Most of them are huge, they had been widely used in industry and
production of electricity across West Europe and North America till
beginning of WWII. I lovely call them "Grandpas". Namely they ran
electric generators and other machinery which helped to advance careers
and achieve goals for our grandparents. See images on the right.

What's "Jailed Fire"?

It's a fire, 'imprisoned' in internal combustion engine for a fraction of a second.
(Image on top) It isn't free. By exploding in a engine's cylinder it expands and forces to move a piston to perform a mechanic movement. In nature however the fire IS free.

The first track of Jailed Fire is named:

Grandpas At The Night Shift

The Plot:

There is a winter night. In one of city's buildings Grandpa FM Zaza 
have been driving water pump for years. He supplies the most important
liquid on the Earth to people. As the city grows, he can’t handle the
increased water demand alone so, Grandpa Marshall comes to help him.
Now together they zuns, zans and shoots with almost matching rhythm.

Grandma Ruth joins them too, adding extra bass power to trio. A lovely
Grandpa Bistone joins them as well adding zig-zag shoots. Sometimes a
backup Grandpa Gzam-Za enriches the noise of the quartet with soft gzims.
All Grandpas now got into the rhythm. While they continuously pump water, unexpectedly one of rosted water pipes blows out and pressured water
chokes Grandma Ruth, stopping the engine completely.

The other Grandpas drop their pumps and come to save the Ruth. She is
the only woman in the building after all. They release her metal body from
the water, wash her and start her again. In the meantime Grandpa Gzam-Za
fixes the blown off pipe and pumps out the excess water from the building.
Ruth is up and running again, FM Zaza, Marshall and other Grandpas returned
to their pumps.

Every Grandpas is in the rhythm and happy as never before. They realized
one more time what the true friendship means. But, envy and angry of their friendship, Grandpa General comes to building and announces that Grandpas time is up and they will be sent to retirement as electric motors will replace them.

Grandpas got furious hearing the announcement. Scared of angry Grandpas, General releases a compressed air from start-up tank and turns fuel supply off. The five Grandpas stopped running without even saying to each other ‘Good Bye’.

There are 2 versions of
"Grandpas At The Night Shift"
available for download:

The original version:

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Grandparents At The Night Shift

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And the underground version, an immitation of heavy metal :).

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Grandparents At The Night Shift Underground

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