Grandpas Party


Grandpas Having Saturday Party

The Plot

Grandpa Bozuk came the first in the party field helping to start Grandpa Papa FM and get him into the rhythm. Excited by hearing the duo's shoots a clicky, No-Name Grandpa (being too old, he forgot his name!) joined them. Grandpa Marshall instantly liked the rhythm of the trio, started up himself enriching the freshly formed Grandpas Orchestra with solid bass.

Bozuk continued by adding ‘riding a horse’ tones. Grandpa Liser was consciously shooting too loud, so the other fellas controlled his governor preventing him from self-explosion. Grandpa FM Zaza, a brother of Papa FM, asked the youngest Grandpa Haho, for a help him to start. Haho, being Jack of nine trades did it gladly and joined the team as well.

A couple of moments later, softly bumbsin’ Grandpa Boiller matched his dizzy warmth to the rhythmic shoots of the Titans. Now the Motor Orchestra is hot and with non Rolex watch preciseness plying ‘music’, sounds of which attracted strangers from all over the world.

The Grandpas were plying and playing till Papa’s FM cylinders suddenly misfired, slowed him down, causing the biggest loss in performance of the orchestra. His brother, Zaza FM, pulled out of the pocked Nokia and dialed Grandpa 24H for assistance.

Two moments later, the 24H landed in the field with huge electric motor, restarted Papa FM and the orchestra was running at the full rhythm again. Being a big music lover, Grandpa 24H liked the orchestra’s sounds and joined them as well.

Hungry to prove their musical nature, another eight, smaller and not so famous Grandpas asked the players to let them play together. And of course, the friendly Titans accepted them. For a couple of moments the smaller Grandpas were misfiring, but soon they got into the rhythm. There was...

The Rhythm of Jailed Fires,
Mind Blowing Energy,
A Hell Of Smoke
And Shakin’ Ground
At The Grandpas Party!

The event attracted masses of their Grandchildren. Engines of BMWs and MBs, Ferraris and Maseratis, Jaguars and Volvos and dozens of other modern cars and trucks ignored their mad drivers and followed Grandpas March from a city. Grandchildren enjoyed the only live show of Grandpas's rhythms. But not all of them. You see, there were also…

Rios And Clios, Priuses And Smarts...

that couldn’t even gasp what’s going on here... However, emptying fuel tanks
ended the First Part of The Grandpas Party…

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There are two versions of
"Grandpas Havin' Saturday Party"
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Grandpas Having Saturday Party

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The underground version, kinda heavy metal :).
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Grandpas Havin' Saturday Party in Underground

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