Marchin Grandpas


Grandpas Marching To Saturday's Party

The Plot

After driving electric generators, water pumps and various industrial machinery non-stop for decades, Grandpas were sent to retirement. Being retired, they experienced sadness, shock of doing nothing, the cold and the rain and even danger to be completely destroyed.

Grandpa FM Papa, being the most desperate to come back to normal life, called a gathering of all Grandpas in the area. Granma Ruth, Grandpas Bozuk, Kromho, Toklaku Twins, Psick and Bistone answered the Titan’s invitation.

At the gathering FM Papa said to his fellas: “our life does not go to an end, let’s prove the World that we are still good. We worked very hard but still have the power lets prove it the world with our real deal party now”. All of Grandpas agreed nodding their heads.

Now they got to work. Grandpa Bozuk organized fuel, Grandma Ruth – water, Grandpa Psick got clearances with police, Toklaku Twins have chosen a place for to party in a field of nearby forest. Grandpa Bistone printed the map.

Three moments later, after short warm up, all 8 fellas were marching to the party's field. FM Papa was the most excited and inspiring Grandpa. He was shooting light blue smoke rings followed by “wow” blasts.

Ruth marched close to him. She was happy to look and fell of 20 again, bumbsing the right bass. Grandpa Kromho enriched her bass with his deeper and richer tones. Toklaku Twins energetically stepped on the streets making real sound of hundreds of people marching in a parade.

Psick enriched the rhythm with his own velvety soft high tones, which fondled hearts of other Grandpas. Psick also took care of Bistone's worn out governor, preventing the louder 1 cylinder Grandpa from self blast.

Marching Grandpas received big attention in the city, especially from their Grandchildren. Thousands of BMWs and Mercedes, Jaguars and Ferraris, Nissans and Hyundays, Fords and Chevroletts, other car engines were massively stopping on sidewalks and giving a way for their predecessors, rhythmically moving across streets of the city. The Grandchildren completely ignored their mad drivers and enjoyed the show of the March of Titans.

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Grandpas Marching To Saturday Party

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